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Video Introduction:
Nike is the largest athletic brand in this world-beating Adidas, Reebok, and Puma in the athletic apparel space. Nike was established by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1960 with the idea to provide Americans with
quality shoes. Nike was initially started as Blue ribbon sports under which Phil and bill used to import high-quality running shoes from Japan and sell it in America. Soon in 1972 Phil and bill together launched their own shoe brand named Nike. Nike’s running shoes became popular in the early 1970s which turned Nike into one of the most profitable athletic brands but soon near 1975 Nike’s profits started to decline, sales were dipping and Nike was looking at the running shoe market saturation which is when Reebok which was Nike’s biggest competitor launched its freestyle aerobic shoes which became a very big success. In 1984 Nike signed a deal with the famous basketball player Micheal Jordan to launch the Air Jordan series which became a massive hit turning Nike into a billion-dollar company. Nike was also out-bidden by Adidas during the 2012 London Olympics for the title sponsor rights when Adidas bought the 2012 London Olympics title sponsor rights for 150 million dollars but somehow Nike managed to gain more publicity than Adidas using their marketing strategies and business ideas. This video is a complete business and marketing case study on Nike highlighting various business and marketing strategies implemented by Nike to turn a simple shoe company into a billion-dollar brand worldwide. This video is a complete business case study on Nike. The video also highlights various business lessons which we can learn from Nike’s business and marketing case study and implement in our own business.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To Nike Business Case Study
00:50 – History of Nike
02:20 – How Reebok Defeated Nike Using its Business Strategy
02:45 – The Man Who Changed Nike’s Business
03:40 – NBA Banned Nike Shoes in NBA Matches
04:30 – Nike Business Strategy To Kill Competiton
05:30 – Nike’s Marketing Strategy
07:27 – Business Lessons from Nike Business And Marketing Case Study
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